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From the founding of blackhack 474 group which is a group of developers and system testers has been coming together for 5 years, it’s a crucial time in 2022  – 2024 that we need to develop the system, both Defi / Games / Metaverse / 3D model shop / Cryptocurency. We will finish the whole project by the end of the year. 2023

Defi Crypto


Games Model


Dokiverse Dex

Dokiverse Crypto

Doki NFT Metaverse is a world of doki where everything is traded via ptdb coin which is the Crypto currency of the pentest db group or pentestswap and allows players to trade our various models. Or you can create one and sell it in our metaverse anytime. Or want to shop, buy space, buy shop via our metaverse dokinft is the future of the world technology is the world of vr we are not pixel games we are 3D the most realistic world we are dokinft

Road map Pentest/ Dokinft

Jul 2022
Defi & Crypto
Our coins and defi can be used instead of money to buy things. whether teaching courses and products in the pentestswap and dokinft network
April 2022
Build Model Area

The models in our mataverse are in high resolution 3D because they are rebuilt every step of the way. Including the design of various cities, including various avatar characters, we pay attention to every detail, at this point we will make it like Real life, this part of the work can take years, but the dokiverse is the first versions we will complete in 2024.

Jan 2023 - Jan 2024

dokivers are ecosystems The players come to decorate various things as our system has to offer. Whether it is a store and has high-resolution 3D games. / shopping mall /shop department store Our system can't work through the website. Must be setup into Device only because using High resolution trading various models, players can design their own models and then sell them in our own dokiverse, which the resulting currency will be Crypto PTDB Coin only.

Project Success
The success rate of the project 15%

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