Duckyspark v.0.4.1

Translator from USB-Rubber-Ducky payloads (Ducky script) to a Digispark code.


Usage of this program is only allowed within boundaries of law. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.


python3 [payload.txt] [output_file]
python3 [payload.txt]
git clone
in this case the translated payload will be saved in the file “digipayload.ino”

Ducky payloads you can find here:

or here:

Or, you can simply write your own payloads using Ducky script

Ducky script syntax:

Recently we found the video “Digispark Flashing Guide & Ducky Payload Converters” that shows how to flash Digispark using the payloads generated by our script:

Our site:

Upd: added 3d models of USB flesh drive to hide Digispark.

You could edit 3d model, or just print on 3d printer ready-for-print .stl models

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