Android Kernel Builder

ZenMaxBuilder is an Android Kernel Builder written in bash, which can be runned on any Linux System (feel free to Pull Request for Windows support). By default it uses Proton-Clang, Eva-GCC or Proton-GCC but you can use any toolchains you like by editing config.sh file. The perfect tool to compile on the fly and keep fresh and clean kernel paths.


Dependencies will be prompted to install or you can manually install them.

git clone https://github.com/grm34/ZenMaxBuilder.git
bash git zip llvm lld clang expect openjdk (java)


  1. git clone https://github.com/grm34/ZenMaxBuilder.git
  2. cd ZenMaxBuilder
  3. Edit config.sh to set your settings (optional)
  4. bash zmb --start


Usage: bash zmb [OPTION] [ARGUMENT] (e.q. bash zmb --start)

    -h, --help                      show this message and exit
    -s, --start                     start new kernel compilation
    -u, --update                    update script and toolchains
    -l, --list                      show list of your kernels
    -t, --tag            [v4.19]    show the latest Linux tag
    -m, --msg          [message]    send message on Telegram
    -f, --file            [file]    send file on Telegram
    -z, --zip     [Image.gz-dtb]    create flashable zip

Working structure

|---- builds/               # Flashable kernel zips
|     |---- DEVICE1/
|     |---- DEVICE2/
|---- logs/                 # Compilation build logs
|     |---- DEVICE1/
|     |---- DEVICE2/
|---- out/                  # Kernel working directories
|     |---- DEVICE1/
|     |---- DEVICE2/

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