System-wide Web3 for macOS, Windows and Linux

System-wide Web3 for macOS, Windows and Linux


  • First-class Hardware Signer Support
    • Use your GridPlus, Ledger and Trezor accounts with any dapp!
  • Extensive Software Signer Support
    • Use a mnemonic phrase, keystore.json or standalone private keys to create and backup accounts!
  • Permissions
    • You’ll always have full control of which dapps have permission to access Frame and can monitor with full transparency what requests are being made to the network.
  • Set your own connections to Ethereum and IPFS
    • Never be locked into using a centralized gateway
  • Menu Bar Support
    • Frame stays out of the way and sits quietly in your menu bar until it’s needed
  • Cross Platform
    • macOS, Windows and Linux!



Run Source

# Clone › git clone # Install › npm install # Run › npm run prod


› git clone


› npm install


› npm run prod

› npm run bundle # Create app bundle › npm run build # Build apps for current platform

› np

Connect to Frame natively

Frame exposes system-wide JSON-RPC endpoints ws:// and that you can connect to from any app. We recommend using eth-provider to create a connection const provider = ethProvider('frame') as eth-provider will handle any connection edge cases across browsers and environments

Frame’s injected provider

Frame also has a browser extension for injecting a Frame-connected EIP-1193 provider into web apps as window.ethereum. This can be used to inject a connection when an app does not provide the option to connect to Frame natively.


git clone
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