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About Us

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db is an easy to use financial (DeFI) and technology school.
Pentest DB School’s DeFI product offers ease of use to accomplish your crypto financial and academic purposes. Our school and as an incompetent facility can be used to pay for products in the Pentest DB community PeThe

Pentest DB project is based on four principles..

1.Pentest DB Product : At launch, Pentest DB will offer a variety of interest-yielding “Pools” that enable users to passively increase their crypto holdings by simply selecting the desired aggressiveness of their strategy and the digital asset held. The Pentest DB Pools represent. the first product on the Pentest DB platform. More will be developed and presented over time.

2.Pentest DB Schools : facilitates Pentest DB (PTDB) Token Spending. Those enrolled in our school will be able to hold Pentest DB tokens to spend on purchases. Various of our community, or can take Steak on our Defi website, or use it to play NFT games, CTF hacking style, bring to buy Tools in NFT or anyone can. It is produced and sold in the community for a token Pentest DB (PTDB).

3.NFT Product : is a game in hacking style, players can buy, sell, produce, all trading CTF products. Will pass all Pentest DB (PTDB) currencies.

4.Social media : Pentest DB is building a user community that sustains and grows the product portfolio, facilitates progressive decentralization, and enables users to build new products while earning a share of that product’s fees.Facebook fanpage is best for news and insights. Twitter and Telegram serve as our primary notification channels. Telegram Group is where most interactions around governance, community, and development (by the team and community members) will take place.

Pentest DB Features

Our Vision

Features reflecting the cryptocurrency category’s accepted standard and that enable proper interoperability between our platform and others.ics.Pentest DB is a group of engineers who have been working on Technology for 5 years, including doing online courses as they are on the website. We have installed both the pentest system and installed the firewall security system for many organizations. and has been commercially registered in the name of k Thai technology for 10 years.nsciously-produced of phatform

  • Non-Custodial: Assets are deposited to and deployed automatically via smart contracts. Users always maintain 100% ownership of their funds and can retrieve them at any time.
  • Trustless: Assets are algorithmically deployed through the specifications laid out by Vesper pool strategy smart contracts.
  • Censorship Resistant: Users can always interact with the smart contracts directly, which fundamentally cannot be taken down or tampered with.
  • Open Source: Any developer is welcome to build with Pentest db. In fact, it’s highly encouraged and heavily incentivized.
  • Fraud Resistant: The qualities listed above position Pentest Db’s ecosystem to minimize the risk of fraudulent activity typically associated with bordered, custodial, trusted, permissioned, closed source, and censored platforms.
  • Simple, Easy-to-use: Pentest Db‘s user interface was designed to be as seamless as possible. One-click deposit and withdrawals plus mechanisms for portfolio tracking and miscellaneous Pentest DB metrics.